Welcome To Urban Poetry Project

The Urban Poetry Project site is a free resource for amateur poets and writers to have their works published on the web for free. Originally started 5 years ago as mickleplum.co.uk by Mick Seedall, a more appropriate site name was chosen along with a new outlook.

The Urban Poetry Project site hopes to offer a free outlet for like minded people to have their poetic voices and pens heard all around the world.

This site is not limited to Urban Poetry and offers an outlet to a poet or writer of any style/genre. The Urban Poetry Project is about those who take the time to get involved and help it to grow into the Urban Poetry Project Community…

So if you would like to become a part of the Urban Poetry Project community then please feel free to get in touch or register with the site’s forum and post and share your works there. With the sites forum, we hope to build and expand the Urban Poetry community.

It’s for you, with you and about you. So why not become part of the sites community and see where the journey takes us.

This site is always looking for new ideas and suggestions also.

Looking forward to hearing from you..

Mick Seedall – Site Creator and Fellow Poet.

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