Poet – Chyna

Hello my name is Chyna I love writing poems on my free times I only write whatever I’m feeling whatever is going on inside my head that day:



No Title

Okay, so I’m going to speak the truth whatever you don’t like don’t try to put me on mute try to rebuke me? See the times are bad on the outside your fly with money to spend but at the end your life isn’t what people may see but me I am who I say I am and who I’m trying and destined to be…. little girls younger than I moving fast having babies but how can babies have babies? See young. BLACK men killing each other taking lives that shouldn’t be tooken mothers crying at night other black men are shooken I put the words black in all capital’s because that’s the majority of the ones that are dieing …see my resurrection is showing people my affection to the ones that have a certain type of neglection respect my opinion don’t show any rejection we all have dissention on life ….moms got bills due don’t front like yours don’t too my life is painful but is great too stop faking like you don’t have problems too …whatever you don’t like don’t try to put me on mute I’ma say whatever I like Listen to the words I am saying pray to are GOD on are knees at night little kids are praying….for the next day is a better day but how when my generation is growing up the wrong way?……see I’m young might think I’m foolish but I know the world around me isn’t always stupid she opens her legs to a 20 year old man she thinks he loves her his big hand upon her little hand but the next man he runs around in a gang thinking his friends has his back but matter of fact look at the facts 23 still in high school yeah another one of my kind still grown getting held back? See You can say I’m spiting lyrically but I’m not I’m speaking the truth when you look at me what do you see? A pretty young thing? a thick nice body? But what you don’t see is a young female smart as can be try to see what’s inside of me rather than what your mind is corrupting you to see.. someone like me a poet!