James Burke

Poet – James Burke

Hi there, my name is James Brahim Burke. I’m 23 years Young and mixed with Moroccan and English blood. Born and brought up on the border of Hackney and Bethnal green, and I’m not really too sure of my style or prose. I just say what’s on my heart at that particular time, and try and describe every part of my feeling or thought in my words.


A Coloured Lie

Overpowered Mind,
I’m living among the Dying.
Thwarted than most,
Forgiven for their Coloured Lying.

They want to consume what they cannot See,
They want to present what they cannot Be,
Sur-Real-Ality, concepts setting the scene,
To Our World, to what is Seemed,
Not Seen.

Greed, Based on a Blood Stained Silence,
Justified Corruption, in Abundance.
Much is the Reality of Our Society,
Chased by Thugs, Imprisoned by Policy.
Searching for Meaning,
For our Lost Identity.
But it’s Within me,
Where No-one else can Reach Me.

Denial purposely rains upon our self contained belief,
The question is repeatedly asked before
We leave,
This street corner, this city, this world,
We be.
Controlled what to think, to feel and act,
Foiled by the action of others,
Disciplined by the elders pact.

Do I believe in their Coloured Lie?
So my own belief can fade,
Like a conclusion to Sunset Sky.

The following poem is called Uneducated intellect. Basically I feel I’m an uneducated intellect, but not necessarily an academically influenced intellect. Going through bad times at school, i ended up following life as I saw around me, on the street. As I say Im not great on my structure, but im just trying to get my raw approach across.

Uneducated Intellect

An Orchestrated Brain,
With No Boundaries
Like a Bound-Diary,
Secrets are not Subsidised.

Reverse Psychology, with no Science,
Dissecting my heart, for some kind of Substance.
Cut Deeper, and enlighten your Mind,
But be wary, of what you might find.
Depths which have not been encountered,
Searched, but not Founded,
Explored, but not Bounded,
Hold Desperate Thoughts.
Desperately seeking my inner soul,
Institutionalised, in society to fail.

As an Uneducated Intellect,
Achievements, Are not to Be Expect…ed,
Street Economics; a valued Subject.
Given a kilo, see if you can Cut It,
Like the Lives of the Least,
Inner Peace,
They cannot Find in my lottery ticket.
Had the Rich trapped, on crack,
Sold Envy, in little white Wraps.
Love was a distant instinct,
Tell me how you feel about that?
Tell me how you feel about that?

Now this was my very first piece I wrote. I love to be controversial. I love the use of juxtapositions. I just filled this poem with my thoughts and how confuse I get when I think I’m doing right and I’m actually doing wrong. Like my mind is a mad battlefield.

I’m an Intellect, Portraying the Illness in my Ethicality

Unethical thoughts, effortlessly overflowing,
I’m so far out of reach
But my mind keeps rowing.

Trying to stay afloat,
Like a hole in a boat,
But it’s a hole in my Forsaken Heart,
Seeping without Gloat.

I am a Man Born with Pride,
A conscience, as Dark as the midnight sky,
As deep as the Earth’s core,
Forgotten, But ponders the question WHY?

No place for a leader,
I’m societies Undercover,
Like the Thief in The Night,
But he Devil’s holding me too tight.

Fatal shivers, as my Demons dawn upon me,
To drink my Poisonous Soul,
I’m being drained of my Ethicality.

Confusion settles, like a mist on a deserted lake,
Left or Right, which Fucking road do I take???

The poem below called ‘AnalyZe’ is basically my mind. I like to try and describe it sometimes, because no-one can understand it.


AnalyZe the World Within,
My Mind, I have to escape
Scared of confronting,
The Demons lurking,
Resurrection unfolding,
It’s a scary place with no Admiration,
For Myself Nor Others, it’s
A Destined Prison.

I can’t explain my Apprehension,
But with No Belief in Myself,
Then there’s no participation or winning
The Race of Life,
From My Perspective,
So I might as well give up on my Hearts Objectives,
I might as well give up on my hearts objectives.

Dark and Lonely,
Is this prison really for me?
The Past Dooms upon me,
Like a giant to an ant
I feel helpless and weak,
All my life I’ve been kept so sweet,
Destroyed by the injustices of society
FUCK THIS… it’s time to think differently.

End of my tether, don’t want a Life Sentence,
My Naivety consistently bullied, No Resistance.
The sentence of Life representing the suffering,
To survive is to find Meaning IN The Suffering.
Quoted by my favourite author,
Maybe it’s not just me, I’m not Defiantly CRAZY,
BUT it’s Within Me, where No-one else can Reach me.

Evocative words work only as a signal,
Not as close to my thoughts as my feelings,
I was taught…
Never TRUST, Never LOVE and Never Ever Give up,
But how can I commit, when I Always FUCK UP?!