Mikee B – A Love Ting

Poet – Mikee B

As I Lay beside my valentine:

And to lay side by side
Sun glinting through an ill fitting window.
Reminisce of past missing bliss
Of that sought but never achieved.

Embraced in such charms, that,
Overcomes such past disbelief
That love, and I say love with all its
Magnificent glory
Continues to build on such open ended no predetermined story.

And smiles of Infinity and Beyond
A love of Infinitum
An ever embrace intertwinned
Matched only by a perpetually
Loving face…..


And to Love

And to Love
Compared to much
Enduring endearing
All conquering

And to love we
Seek, yearn, desire
Grasping at a fools gold
But still all conquering

And to love
Where the sunset
Decends and meets the earth
Once again embracing
The passing of abother day

And to love
Intertwinned we gaze
To distant horizons
And we too embrace the day.


Slumber My Love

Slumber my love
As pillows caress your brow
Slumber my love
As mine heart thinks of thee
And ponders on the bow

Slumber my love
May dawn be slow in its journey
Slumber my love
May you sleep deep without worry

Slumber my love
For know that I love you
Slumber my love
For mine future smiles
With you….


A Slight Look

Creeping on beyond the edge of a comfort zone.
Hand in hand and no longer alone.
Down the lane and beyond the hedgerow.
A kiss A hold a look that knows.
Eyes like jewels of an ancient masterpiece embrace
And dance in the light
Hands clasp hold tightens
And hearts beat and beat twice thrice and faster