Rob Wardle

Poet – Rob Wardle

My name is Rob Wardle I’m 22 from Manchester never done anything like this so ………..



I’m the good the bad the ugly and the pretty.
I’m the lonely manic depressent who will wollow in self pitty,
I’m the living jesus christ, the Saviour and the Grace,
I’m the dirty,smelly street pimp spitting in your face,
I’m that young man on his feet giving up the last seat on the train,
I’m the deadly cancer cells which are spreading through your brain,
I’m the smiling kid on the beach making castles in the sand,
I’m the skinny murdering crack feind awaiting trial on remand,
I’m the scary modern day truth lurking round every corner which your walking.
I’m the nastiest words you’ve ever heard everytime someones talking,
I’m the skitzofrenic nightmare and will be till I die,
Thats enough about me though now tell me who am I?