Poet – Viki

Hey my name is Viki I’m from northampton 🙂 I’ve been writing for around five years, I’m now 20 almost 21. I write to vent but the more I show people my lyrics/poetry, the more I’m told to get them out there but I guess I don’t know where to start or that I’m not at such a level yet so just thought it would be a good idea to get involved in something like this 🙂 hope you like them.


This is one I wrote, called “love for the last time”

I want to find love for the last time,
When I give, I give it all, I can’t remember that being a crime, But I’ve gotta move with the times, Perhaps that’s what love is all about nowadays, Someone prove me wrong?
Just doing me, self respecting, a good woman, but I’ve got a deep feeling that’s ‘long’.
Show me the man who wants to love.
To love through his mind, his eyes, his heart, I bet he didn’t know he could.
I bet he didn’t think he would.
But they always get hurt for being faithful, Bitches use their lips n hips n take it all, So they switch up like a mental illness, Text her, sex her n don’t make love their business, Respect rears its head n their heart says “what is this?”
She’s a good girl. Bad man. Does that make them misfits?
Can his damaged heart sense loyalty and depth?
Its likely they’re connection will be wasted on sex.
That makes her easy n that makes his persona based on disrespect.
Does beauty in a relationship really exist?
Can a man settle for just one kiss?
And still want more?
Can they keep to one room without opening another door?
Or does sex on the first night really complicate it more?
Or is it just a connection, a lust, that can’t be fought?
Some want love, other wanna fuck,
Some believe in fate, others believe its luck, Some don’t give a fuck, some want to find love.
Most say fuck love.

Just Thinking

I like sitting on my own n just thinking
Most people see the real them when they’re drinking.
But I look into myself on a daily basis,
digging way too deep into a life I had trouble facing.
A life I lust for,
with a soulmate that I trust more.
More than those dumb guys who only wanna fuck, fuck
because they think I’m the same.
Same as those chicks who are in it for the money n the fame.
I ride or die for my man,
so I say its a freaky loving,
lady in the street kinda love plan.
I see love in my eyes, she looks into his eyes –
and his bank n sees pound signs.
I look into a mans heart n see
good love, good sex and a connection of minds.
Those childish I ‘love’ you lines
Will mean nothing to us,
we live in love and in lust
And making love until we
make love together, is a must.

A Man’s Perspective

I met her when i was buying my wife these roses
I could have walked away then, but i guess that i chose this..?
I love my wife but this female.. I can’t seem to let go.
I don’t need this, i want this.. I know it’s got to end though.

If i lost my wife for this pussy, she’d never look back
and that’s what scares me, coz i need her love and that’s a fact.
I made a decision and that was to hurt my woman,
Now i hate myself for it because it can’t be undone
and i can imagine her waiting for me to come home,
waiting to put our child to bed, so we can spend some time alone.
While for all this time I’ve been meeting this female on my own,
and i know it will hurt her, how much this female knows.
My wife is the only woman who should know me,
My wife should be the only woman to show me.
But I’ve been kissing another female, she’s been touching me
and now i think she knows me.
A man from my wife’s past text her and now she thinks she owes me,
but she’s innocent and i’m guilty and now i think that another female knows me.

Everything i need in my life is underneath one roof,
I’ve risked losing my happiness, i’ve risked my wife finding out the truth.
I don’t know what i was thinking when i asked her to trust me,
I haven’t stopped to think about what i’d do if i ended up with nothing but this pussy,
I’ve ruined mine and i’ve ruined my woman’s life
Because one day she’ll fine out and i know that I need my wife.

I’ve played with fire, so that leaves me with no option but to get burnt.
I’ve played games with my wifes emotions, this is gunna’ be another lesson learnt.
I’ve messed up, fucked up and this due heart break has definately been earned.
I’ve never been left broken by a woman but i already know it’s something i can’t deal with
Well getting over losing my woman.. I dunno how i’m gunna heal this
Because thinkin about living without her.. Shit.. My vision’s already blurred
I could always see the future when i held her in my arms.
But now all i see is pussy pussy pussy..
Sometimes a man needs love and pussy..
At home with my wife is right where i should be.
Why did i never think about this when i was doin shit behind her back?
Why didn’t i man up and walk straight back out of that trap?
I met her when i was buying my wife these roses,
I guess that i chose this..

I Protect

People must believe certain things,
but they don’t know what i’m thinking,
I protect.
I keep my eyes wide open,
I don’t know when i’m supposed to be blinking.
I’m deep.
So when you look into my eyes, i guess that you’re sinking?
This world has got me thinking, differently.
I’ve got a son to think about, so i’m not in this for me.
What happened to love when it lost intimacy?
They tell me to sit back and let life do it’s thing,
but I’m surrounded by life’s losers
and I’ve always set out to win.
When am i going to see these people grow up?
“It will be ok” they say, but when’s better gunna show up?
I watch the world pass me by and it makes me want to throw up..
But as i look into my son’s eyes i can feel my heart blowing up.
Take us to a place where i don’t need to worry about violence and war; is this life?
Into the wild, and i’ll balance out my heart and mind like a see-saw.
I want to see more.

‘As I’m crying’

I’ve never cried like this before.
I know that if you wasn’t in my life, i’d cry a million tears more,

I love you more than words could ever express,
My mind speaks the truth, but my heart has something to confess.

As i’m crying i imagine living my life without you here,
As i calm myself down, nothing makes sense without you near

And i don’t know what to do because everything’s a mess
My heart is stripped of comfort and my mind is undressed,

Look into my eyes and you’ll see the cracks in my heart
Look into my heart and you’ll see that i can’t live my life if we’re apart

I’ve got to be strong, but everytime i tell myself to be, i feel weaker.
I look into the mirror, wipe away my tears and say “teach her”..

Nobody should look for another person to complete them,
But without you, it would ruin me as a person.

I’ve built my life and all of my dreams around you,
I’ve revolved my life around making sure that happiness surrounds you,

I don’t know how to free myself from this pain,
Every photo, every memory, every touch, every train,
Every laugh, every cry, every smile, every pain,

Every name.

Every name that has never meant as much to me as yours,
You’ve accepted me the way I’ve accepted you, regardless of my flaws,

For as long as i love you, you will never be alone.
And i will love you forever.